Development Projects

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Active in supporting and rebuilding communities after man-made and natural disasters, the PSOC is committed to meeting basic human needs where they arise. One of our main goals is to encourage safe and healthy living. The social program of the Philanthropic Society assists the various needs of the community on a case-by-case basis, depending on funding capacities. Occasionally micro-finance or small development projects are undertaken in cases where a positive, lasting outcome can be guaranteed. For example, sewing machines have been donated to a group of widows, in order to help them create a dignified livelihood. Past projects include the drilling of tube wells and toilet facilities in the city center, and durable, weatherproof housing projects for the homeless.
Currently, our development projects focus on long-term goals. The organic farm next to the hostel will subsidize food costs for both orphanages, and on-site alternative green energy will reduce our carbon footprint as well as our operating expenses. Our first priority is to the children of the community, and their needs always come first. Additional projects rely on the initiative of our international sponsors.