Meet the Children

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Today, Sister Nectaria Paradisi works diligently to oversee all the projects of the PSOC. Her motherly love and care for the community and children of the orphanages is the heart of the organization. In both orphanages, love and affection is seen as the most important service that can be rendered, and is the single most effective tool for helping the children learn and grow. It is love that gives the children the self-confidence they need to be successful and diligent citizens. Love is the ingredient that makes the difference at the PSOC, and distinguishes it from other institutions.

The comprehensive care of the orphans is the PSOC’s central priority. Children are the future of the PSOC and the communities of West Bengal. When they arrive at the orphanages, the children are often scarred by the traumas of poverty, abuse, and neglect.


In addition to food, clothing, medical care, and love, children living in the hostels are provided with a top-notch education, personal tutorials, and extra curricular courses to optimize their chances of self-sufficiency in the future. Their individual skills are reinforced with lessons in dancing, drawing, sports, drama, music, public speaking, computers, and sewing. They are given everything they need to flourish into adulthood and consistently rank in the top 20% of their classes. All of these efforts rely  exclusively on the generosity of donors. With your support, we hope to continue to foster their personal growth and achievement.



Support a child of the Theotokos Girls’ Orphanage or the St. Ignatius Boys’ Orphanage today through monthly subscription or a one-time donation. Your donation helps pay for education, clothing, food, healthcare, and transportation, and ensures that the PSOC can continue to provide a loving home for these children.
As is in the case for all donations to the Philanthropic Society, 100% of your donation will go to India, and directly to your child. Donations are tax deductible.

Please note that all “Support a Child” donations to either the Theotokos Girls’ Orphanage or the St. Ignatius Boys’ Orphanage is anonymous and correspondence is not available.