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The Philanthropic Society owes much of its success, above all to the blessing of God but also to the hard work, self-denial and sacrifice of two people: Fr. Ignatios Sennis who has been the Bishop in Madagascar since 2004, and Sr. Nectaria Paradisi, who stays in India and, with the help of the PSOC president and committee members, continues the management of all PSOC programs. Volunteers have contributed from time to time, and all the projects have been realized thanks to the contributions of people who believe in selfless humanitarian aid, love and solidarity.


How can you get involved?:

Host Your Own Fundraising Event

Get great fundraising ideas from The Lucky Girls Movie! Host a movie screening and learn more about the children of the PSOC

If you’re interested, contact us for photos and additional material you can use for your personal event.

There are continuous new enrollments at both the Theotokos Girls’ Hostel and the St. Ignatius Boys’ Hostel, and each child deserves a safe, nurturing home.



Support a Child


Your sponsorship helps cover the cost of education, food, clothes, healthcare, and transportation for a child in need.

As is in the case for all donations to the Philanthropic Society, 100% of your donation will go to India, and directly to the children.



*Please note that support of a child is anonymous. Correspondence is not available with the children.



 We need your support.

Any donations you make, 100% will go to the PSOC. Nothing is taken out for administrative costs, so feel confident that every penny of your donation goes directly to helping these humanitarian services.