Child Sponsorship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I send personal gifts and/or letters to my child?

We appreciate your desire to send the children presents and other personal mementos, however our program does not allow correspondence between the child and the sponsor.

2. Is there an option to sponsor siblings?

Absolutely! There are several children at the orphanage with siblings. If you would like to sponsor both, we can send you the additional profiles. Just send us a request through our contact page.

3. What if I cannot make a full sponsorship payment?

Every dollar is an investment in the child’s future. We are thankful that you have made the effort to care for one of our children. If you would like to set up your own amount as is the best of your abilities, you can sign up for recurring monthly payments through our general fund donation page that are more aligned with your personal budget.

Simply, put in the amount you would like to contribute and check the “Make this Recurring (Monthly)” box. You will receive your child’s profile soon after!

4. What happens if I have to discontinue payments?

Every sponsor provides a gift to the children, no matter the length of their participation. Your child will be matched up with a new sponsor as soon as one is available, and will continue to receive quality care.

You can contact us at to let us know you would like to unsubscribe from your donations.


5. What portion of my donation will go to administrative fees?

We are proud to say that 100% of your donation goes to your child. All of our administrative costs and labor is provided through the work of dedicated volunteers.